Thursday, August 26, 2010

The point of what I do...

I read this quote today...

After six or seven performances of any song, you begin to perform it rather than feel it.

Graham Nash 

I had to stop for a moment 
and catch my breath.
I do NOT want to stop feeling my songs 
when I sing them.
I don't want to lose grip 
on the reason I wrote them 
in the first place.
I must remember who I wrote these songs for
 so that I am moved 
to sing from that place
every time.
Perhaps this is wishful thinking 
but so far I think I've managed
to not lose sight
of the reason for my music.
May I perform well - yes.
But may I feel more and more deeply
every time I sing to an audience...
otherwise I believe
I will be doing them
a great disservice.

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