Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the smallest gig

oh wow. what a delightful experience. 
this is the sort of gig that all singer/songwriters 
just absolutely love being a part of.
in a small courtyard in paddington, 
50 lovely people huddled together in the afternoon to hear
the evergreen trail
emma davis and 
matt corby.
such a supportive crowd with a few sing alongs 
and percussive support given from the audience.
wholesome conversations had
and many a good chuckle too.
and music wasn't just given and shared by the artists;
it was actually embraced and explored and understood
by the audience.
and that is a rare delight.

"The Smallest Gig is about breaking down the barrier 
between artist and audience 
and reclaiming the essence/power of music. 
No ego, 
no prejudice, 
just the freedom of musical expression, 
and the joy that comes from sharing it. 
All in your own backyard."

the next smallest gig is going to happen in august 
so stay on the look out and i'll let you know about it!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

No time for fooling in April!

Dear friends,

Welcome to April! Soon we'll be beholding golden leaves glowing in the Autumn sun (ahhh if only we were fortunate enough to glimpse the sun at all) and celebrating Easter, a truly special occasion.

BUT you also get the chance to hear me play with Damian Enemark and Aaron Lyon and the Wild Things at EL ROCCO on APRIL 7! Doors open at 8pm and tickets are $10. Please come along if you love listening to live music!!

Also, EXCITING NEWS --> April 15th - 18th will see the EP Launch Tour for both myself and Nikki Thorburn!! We've both just launched our eps, 'small steps - Part Two' and 'To the Place' respectively. So we've decided to meander our way up to Newcastle and Port Macquarie and play some special shows! If you're up that way, we can't wait to play for you. Please come and say hi to us!! Check out www.lissa.am for more details.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear legs...

Dear legs.
You are very short.
Why are you so short?
You make wearing jeans
or any sort of legged thing
quite difficult.
It's not too hard to hem a pair of trousers;
I have accepted this is something I must always do.
But I get frustrated that
the knee section of the jeans falls below my knee
due to my truncated thighs
and then the calf section of the jeans
starts at my ankles
and then the ankle section in the jeans 
is almost non-existent
due to being lopped off in the hemming process.
So nothing fits as it should.
I am learning to be thankful that 3/4 pants and skirts
are sometimes full length on me,
helping to save a few dollars here and there.
And good old leggings always do the job.
But in general
you have taken the fun out of clothes shopping
and have turned it into a bit of a nightmare.
Sometimes I don't know whether to cry or laugh
when I look in the mirror in the change room
and see inches and inches of extra leg 
covering my feet and trailing behind me.
Or when I try on a 'short' and pretty dress
only to discover that it covers almost all of me
and I look (not to mention feel) rather silly.
(Sometimes I also feel silly when I have to climb up
onto someone's kitchen bench
to reach the water glass in their high cupboard,
hoping like mad that no one will catch me in the act.)
But dear legs
You and I are going to walk many more years together
So I had best get used to you
And stop complaining.
Thank you for carrying me everywhere we go.
You are a trusty pair of legs
regardless of your length.
But if you should suddenly decide to grow
against all the odds
I shan't complain.

Love Lissa

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another step taken!

Well last Wednesday night was an absolute blast!
Thanks to everyone who came to support the launch of 'small steps - Part Two'!
The Vanguard was a beautiful venue to play in, 
the vibe was warm and bubbly 
and the smiles were genuine.
Massive thanks and love.

A special thanks must go to
Tom Kline
who came up from Melbourne just for my launch!
Won't music persuade us to do amazing things!
Your music was heartfelt
and played and sung with great craftsmanship.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Phebe Starr
Who was full of life and unashamed quirkiness!
Thank you for your fun songs
And your beautiful smile!
Looking forward to hearing more of you both.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the lead up...

Finalising the set list.
Cello and viola parts hopefully sitting nicely.
Hours spent at my piano.
Imagination running wild.
Moments of excitement
Moments of anxiety.
Trusting, trusting...
Remembering why I'm doing this.
Encouragement to keep taking small steps!!