Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the smallest gig

oh wow. what a delightful experience. 
this is the sort of gig that all singer/songwriters 
just absolutely love being a part of.
in a small courtyard in paddington, 
50 lovely people huddled together in the afternoon to hear
the evergreen trail
emma davis and 
matt corby.
such a supportive crowd with a few sing alongs 
and percussive support given from the audience.
wholesome conversations had
and many a good chuckle too.
and music wasn't just given and shared by the artists;
it was actually embraced and explored and understood
by the audience.
and that is a rare delight.

"The Smallest Gig is about breaking down the barrier 
between artist and audience 
and reclaiming the essence/power of music. 
No ego, 
no prejudice, 
just the freedom of musical expression, 
and the joy that comes from sharing it. 
All in your own backyard."

the next smallest gig is going to happen in august 
so stay on the look out and i'll let you know about it!!