small steps - Part One

On Thursday May 20, my day consisted of buying some black shoes (and also a spontaneous purchase of a lovely winter coat), making sure the violin and cello parts were all prepared, rehearsing my set for the final time, curling and pinning up my hair and lastly putting together all the gear - ready to head to Raval in Surry Hills for the launch of

'small steps - Part One'

What a fantastic night. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support and love. I had such a ball.
Amanda K. & The Honest Folkset the tone of the evening just beautifully. Her rich and soothing voice combined with thoughtful lyrics and catchy rhythms from the cajon and guitar put everyone in a good mood. So many people commented afterwards how much they enjoyed the performance. Well done guys! :)

And then I had the privilege to come on stage and perform with Ro Tombs (drums), Adrian Hong (guitar/piano), Daniel Pini (cello), Caitlin Benetatos (violin) and Steph Papapavlou (vocals). It was such a delight to be up there with some amazing musicians and lovely friends. They patiently let me make silly jokes that weren't funny and re-tune my guitar for each song and run around between guitars and microphones and pianos all night. Champs. ;)

The other amazing people I wanted to mention were Matthew Weatherstone who kindly brought along the album cover he painted for me so that I could sing with it up on stage. Matt Davis who took photos in the sensitive way that he always does. My dear Mum bought champagne and food to go around for everyone (what an amazing present to me for a launch - and an awesome gift of hospitality she's got there). Nicole who was at the door and handled all my merch and the ticketing fantastically. Luke who did an incredbile job on sound - despite all the difficulties we presented to him! My dear boyfriend Dazz who knew exaclty what I did and didn't need at exactly the right time, without asking. And of course the amazing audience that came along and supported me with many kind words and cheers throughout the performance. Amazing.

And so now the 
EP can be purchased! Woohoo! Go to (without the www) or iTunes to buy it! 

I lastly just wanted to apologise to all of those who trekked into the city or who were about to hop on a train or jump in the car and found out through the grapevine that the venue was sold out. I guess it's nice for the artist to know that your gig is sold out, but it's not nice to see people being turned away. I felt pretty awful. But I promise that next time, for Part Two, there will be more room!

Thanks guys - I will endeavour to keep bringing moments of joy and times for reflection through my music to you.

Love Lissa