Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another step taken!

Well last Wednesday night was an absolute blast!
Thanks to everyone who came to support the launch of 'small steps - Part Two'!
The Vanguard was a beautiful venue to play in, 
the vibe was warm and bubbly 
and the smiles were genuine.
Massive thanks and love.

A special thanks must go to
Tom Kline
who came up from Melbourne just for my launch!
Won't music persuade us to do amazing things!
Your music was heartfelt
and played and sung with great craftsmanship.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Phebe Starr
Who was full of life and unashamed quirkiness!
Thank you for your fun songs
And your beautiful smile!
Looking forward to hearing more of you both.

And the band!!
Nick Bell
Tim Parsons
Daniel Pini
Nicole Greentree.
What a privilege to play with such incredible talent.
Thank you for your encouraging words
The many laughs
And your patience.
Can't wait to play with you again
Not just because you are amazing musicians
But more importantly you are
Good friends.

And Nicole Robinson.
What on earth would I do without you!
Manager and friend.
You make singing and performing
So much more enjoyable for me.
I look forward to what lies ahead!

Adrian Hong.
Your studio is more like a cosy lounge room
With lots of toys.
Thank you for creating such a relaxed environment to record in.
Thank you for helping me grow in confidence
As I learned to make choices
About sounds and vibes and triangles.
Thank you for your generosity.

And thank you to everyone who is supporting my music.
You can check out the new ep here! Do it!

Will update you very soon on more gigs
And more videos!

Much love,


Thank you to deejay photography for these photos!

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