Sunday, October 24, 2010

The simple joys I experienced in one day.

This morning
Tea with my best friend,
Still in my dressing gown.
Honesty, laughs and love
Shared all in just over an hour.

This evening
Walk into a room of strangers
Play and offer my music.
Such a warm reception,
New friendships made,
Lives changed.

Rush back to say goodbye.
A dear friend is
Going away for a year.
She's decided to give
All her time,
Her energy and resources
To another country in far greater need than ours.
An inspiration.

A late night dinner
With friends
Sitting on the kitchen floor
By candlelight.
So much food and fun.
Treasured times forever.

Simple joys
Found in the everyday.
In Relationships. Love.
And music.
And meaning behind it all.
A firm foundation never shaken.

Simple joys
Are often the most profound.

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